African Afro Foaming Body & Facial Cleanser


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Our foaming Body & facial cleanser is a gentler way to maintain a clear complexion. Effectively remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup from your skin without harsh chemicals or detergents. Formulated for all skin types, our body cleanser is ideal even for sensitive or acne-prone skin. With a refreshing lather that rinses off easily, skin is left hydrated and renewed.

8 fl. oz. | Made with natural organic ingredients

Key Points:
* Cleanses and purifies skin to effectively remove dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants while helping to improve skin clarity
* Gently exfoliates skin to soften, smooth, and refine while respecting the skin barrier
* Helps to clarify and visibly brighten skin
* Gentle enough for use twice per day
* For all skin types

Before Use Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product.


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